Ski Videos Lesson 1

ski video lesson
Lessons I've leared while making ski videos

Everyone loves to make a ski video, its a great way to remember the best parts of the trip. Here’s my first ski videos lesson.

The cameras are small and light, easy to carry; you can even use your phone.

Of course, the way you get the best shots is to nudge them into place with a bit of direction.

Easy stuff like: “I’ll ski down a bit and then you guys ski past me on my left”. Something like that.

So what I said to my friend, who wanted his exploits on a board recorded, was: “I’ll ski down there”, so far so good, “and then I want you to ski towards me”.

Oh dear! What I meant was that he should approach me directly and then pass below me. There wasn’t really space above me and I thought this was obvious.

In retrospect, nothing is obvious unless clearly explained.

So he sets off, pulls a few nice turns and then starts braking near me, throwing up a bit of snow. But then I see his board bouncing and I reckon he is going to pull a last minute swerve around me.

No, he has lost control and sweeps me off me feet.

No harm done but next time I’ll be better at giving clear instructions.

I hope this ski videos lesson helps you next time you get out on the slopes.

[videopress YrBuYY7H]

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