Skiing FAQs

Skiing Questions and Answers:

A big resort, with runs for all abilities?
The Grand Domaine has 250km of runs and one of the largest areas dedicated to beginner skiers as well as some of the longest and steepest runs for those who like a challenge. As a result, its a resort that offers much to all levels of skier.

A high resort with a snow-sure record and lots of skiing?
The greatest vertical descent on piste is in Oz. Start at Pic Blanc, 3330m, and ski directly to l’Enversin d’Oz, 1125m, and descend 2205m, the greatest vertical difference in any ski resort in the world. You can also ski another three runs in the resort of 2000m vertical; so, in a single day you can ski a massive 8000m vertical, the height of Mount Everest.

What about Snow?

A high, snow-sure resort?
Our skiing goes up to 3330m, one of the highest resorts in Europe, and as most of the skiing is above 2000m, this means snow is always reliable.
We often ski with our guests and show them around the resort, so you ski on the best slopes for your level on holiday.

How about a free airport transfer?
These are available for up to 8 persons but they are limited and conditional. Book your free place early.

Our best prices are available directly through our own website or by contacting us.
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