Skiing Holidays in 2021

There is still a lot of uncertainty about what will happen this winter for skiing holidays in 2021.

We have followed the French Government advice and are ready to receive skiers and snowboarders whenever you are ready to come. We were open during the summer and the systems we introduced were not intrusive but simply help to keep you safe.

Safe ski resorts

We do know that, along with every other ski resort in France, Oz and Alpe d’Huez have made the best possible arrangements to keep everyone as safe as possible on their skiing holidays in 2021.

The ski lifts are classified as public transport and the same rules are applied just as they are on buses, trains and trams. The added advantage in that there is usually a lot more fresh air circulating even in a crowded cable car than there is in a bus or a train.

Journeys are also pretty quick in a cable car, usually 5 to 10 minutes.

Masks or other face coverings must be worn while using the lifts but on the slopes you are free to do as you please. Once on the slopes the problems of social distancing disappear. Nobody wants to be very close to anyone else when skiing.

Solving quarantine

We completely understand why skiers are reluctant to book skiing holidays in 2021 right now with the prospect of 14 days of quarantine on return. Not everyone can simply work from home.

However, we are expecting that when the travel conditions improve that you will be able to have a great ski holiday without the regulations getting in the way. We are reducing the number of persons in the chalet so that everyone can have a large and comfortable amount of space to relax in.

Everyone gets a suite with a seating area so they can stay in their rooms in comfort if they want. In the lounge, each room will have a designated sofa just for you during the holiday and each room will have its own table in the dining room too.

Skiing is still fun

We expect skiing holidays in 2021 to be just as much fun as ever. If you are taking lessons, the ESF have put into place all the necessary interventions to keep you as safe as possible.

We completely understand that for many people going on holiday also means getting away from the constant reminders of daily life so all our arrangements in the chalet are very discreet.

Skiing holidays in 2021

At the moment we are accepting bookings with just a 25€ deposit. We’ll take full payment 7 days before arrival. Please check the full T&Cs here on our booking page.

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