Pylon Planting Progress

There has been some pylon planting progress for the new lift.

The helicopter was flying last week lifting the various components of the pylons into place. Unfortunately, I was busy with guests and couldn’t get out to photograph it. However, we did share a video from the SPL Oz-Vaujany on our Facebook page.

They have now completed almost all of the pylons. Some of the bases have only just had the concrete poured so they’ll have to wait until that goes off in about a month.

This has had one of the biggest effects on the look of the station as these pylons really dominate the landscape.

pylon planting progress
It might be green to blend in with the forest but you can still see it. Pic by Andy Christodolo

I think the next time there will be a similar degree of change is when they string the cable and hang the gondolas.

Previous posts have shown the progress during the year.

The current COVID-19 situation has delayed the pylon planting progress. It was due to be opened and functional at the end of this summer. It will now be scheduled to be open in time for the start of the Winter season in December.

pylon planting progress
The height of the pylons is really evident here. Pic by Andy Christodolo

This delay is not going to affect anyone at all as it was never scheduled to be open during the summer season.

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