Eating in Oz

Eating in Oz is really easy, all the restaurants are within 200m.

All the restaurants in Oz en Oisans Station are on the single pedestrianised street that runs the length of the resort.

This means they are all close together and easy to access. All of them are very popular for lunch in School Holidays as ski school starts and finishes within 100m of all of them.

La Ferme d’Oz

La Ferme d’Oz: A part of the Chalet de Neiges Apartment block right above the Skimium shop and by the Poutran Lift and Tourist Office. It’s open lunchtimes and evenings for eating in Oz and serves typical mountain food either on the terrace or inside. The large restaurant space is upstairs above the bar area. They have a good choice of Fondue and other Mountain Specialities.

La Causerie

La Causerie: This is a Bar/Restaurant popular after ski school and at the end of the day for drinks and snacks. They also have a restaurant downstairs decorated in traditional chalet style for evening meals. There is an outside terrace which is in the sun in February onwards, but not at Xmas/New Year. Their speciality is freshly made churros on the terrace. They have a TV and usually play the major French sporting fixtures, especially the 6 Nations rugby. Consequently, it’s very busy at those times.

Le Potée Oz

Le Potée Oz: A busy Bar/Restaurant popular with locals and tourists alike. It’s busy both at lunchtime and in the evening. Its definitely a family lunchtime restaurant and you’ll see ski instructors and the pisteurs eating there. In the late afternoon and early evening its where skiers go to relive their day over a cold beer, leading to a lively atmosphere. It reverts back to being a restaurant in the evenings. Reservations essential for eating in the evening. Food is good with generous portions. There is a tiny outdoor area which is in the sun from February onwards. Most people opt to eat or drink inside.

Le Poutran

Le Poutran: Open at lunchtime and in the evening, this restaurant is right by where ski school starts and finishes. It has a small terrace which is in the sun from lunchtime onward. It has a typical menu and specialises in cheese-based dishes in the evening.

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