Comfortable Ski Boot Rental

Comfortable ski boot rental is one of the most contentious areas of a ski holiday; many consider it impossible.

I am sure that the strength of opinions often outweigh any relevant facts despite their being quite a lot of empirical evidence to support those facts.

One is that the make of boot is a determining factor in comfort. This is odd, when you consider how humans are built and how boots are manufactured.

All manufacturers mold boots on the principle that all humans are perfect. That the alignment of their legs, ankles and feet are perfect for skiing.

As 85% of humans have pronated feet, and the others have supinated feet, you might wonder what the manufacturers are doing building boots the way they do as this guarantees that nothing will fit.

They do mould boots using slightly different lasts but they are the same in terms of alignment; they assume you will be perfect.

However, its unlikely that both your feet will be the same size or aligned the same.

The answer to comfortable ski boot rental is surprisingly easy: get some custom footbeds made. These are often called inserts, insoles or orthotics. They all refer to the same thing, a footbed made to replace the one in your ski boot.

Sidas is a big brand, and the best known, though others do exist.

Ski shops and other sports shops almost everywhere make these and and they shouldn’t cost more than 100€. The heat moulding process takes about 20 minutes.

They can be slipped into any ski boot rental and your comfort and control levels will be increased enormously, whatever the brand of boot.

You still need to have the right size and the right stiffness for your skiing level. Beginners need softer, easier boots to start with.

Intermediates will want a stiffer boot to allow better and more precise control.

Expert skiers rarely rent boots; they have usually got to a stage when they want the level of comfort and control that only you own, custom-fitted boots will do.

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