Chalet Wines

Why is Chalet wine so bad?

There are so many great things about a ski holiday but how many times have you heard anyone say that the wine was good?

Privately owned and operated chalets, like us at Le Château d’Oz, usually have good wine but for the majority of Tour Operators the quality of the chalet wine is as interesting as hotel hand soap.

Even in France, which “has the best wine in the world” according to French people, the quality can be dire.

Here are 10 reasons Chalet Wine is so bad:

  1. You are not paying for it.
  2. You can drink as much as you like.
  3. Like everything on a package holiday, the Tour Operator has usually tried to source all aspects of their deal at the lowest cost and that includes the chalet wine.
  4. Buying cheap wine in bulk in France enables very low prices and quality levels which would be unavailable in the UK. When I say unavailable, I also mean unbelievable; you just cannot buy wine this bad in the UK.
  5. Cheap French wine in the UK is around £5 a bottle (2020) and many skiers would find this kind of wine unpalatable compared with a £5 bottle from Australia or South America.
  6. No Tour Operator is going to spend £5 or the Euro equivalent on “free” chalet wine.
  7. They are not going to be buying anything except French wine.
  8. Many guests on package ski holidays don’t really care if there is lots of it.
  9. The Tour Operators know that the quality of their food is basic and good wine would only throw this into sharper focus.
  10. Package ski holidays are entirely driven by price, whatever the brochure says, and cheap sells.

On the other hand some chalet owners and even some tour operators, now recognise that many guests like to drink quality wine. There are some upgrade packages available, at extra cost, of course, with better wines on offer.


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