Chalet Food

Chalet food can be great…

…but it can also be terrible. Why is it that everyone offering a ski holiday proudly proclaims delicious food but so often fails to deliver?

Well, no one is going to tell you they produce poor food, are they? On the other hand a quick look at some websites can give the game away. I remember one menu I saw which read like a list of ready meals available at an upmarket supermarket in the UK.

Their ready meals are good, certainly for a mid-week meal on a busy day, but for a supposedly up-market ski holiday? I don’t think so.

We prepare all our meals from basic ingredients, including fresh bread and this takes time and experience. Experience, yes, that’s the key.

Chalets are often staffed by gap-year youngsters looking for a bit of life experience before going to university. They often have little clue beyond how to heat up the ready meals mentioned above. Perhaps that’s why they were on that menu?

Many chalets boast of “fully trained staff”. You may think this means 3 years in catering college, possibly followed by a couple of years in the industry. Unfortunately, this is sometimes no more than a 5-day cooking course where they learn to cook a weeks worth of 3-course meals. They only cook them once and under supervision.

They are then expected to deal with the cooking, cleaning and all the logistics of a ski holiday. Really, don’t blame them, they are probably trying their hardest but its an almost impossible task.

Private Chalet…Personal Service

Like the idea of a holiday in a private chalet operated by the owners?

We live here in Oz en Oisans all year round and thus we know Alpe d’Huez well.

How about real personal service and attention from experienced staff?
We have decades of experience in hospitality and catering, so a ski holiday with us means having a great time.

Good food?

Yes, we do that. Tasty home cooked food, AOC house wines and local craft beer which results in a satisfying meal. We have an excellent wine list too.

Someone to help you look after all the arrangements, ski rental, lessons, lift passes?
Yes, we do that too.
You can have a great ski holiday without giving up the simple pleasures that make a difference.