Car Parks in Oz

There are several car parks in Oz.

If you are staying with us you will able to park on our large private car park. We run skiers up to the slopes every day, if they need to be there early for ski school.

However, if you are staying elsewhere this is useful for you to know.

There are several car parks in Oz, all of them free except for the multi-story covered Le Roubier (pale blue ‘P’), which is paid in the winter season and the private car park right under the Alpette lift (red ‘P’) which is for the Village Club de Soleil and apartment owners only.

I’ll address the winter season first as finding parking can be tricky.

If you are just coming up for the day and you arrive before 08.45 you should be able to park just about anywhere, even in high season. After 10.00 it get harder to find a really good place, but not impossible.

As Oz is very compact you shouldn’t have to park more than 400m from one of the lifts.

The two gondolas that link Vaujany and Alpe d’Huez to Oz are at each end of the resort. They are only 300m apart so not far from each other

The nearest Free car parks to the Poutran lift are the Poutran, L’Olmet and La Pâques. Le Roubier, which you must pay for, is also close. None are more than 100m to the lift.

The nearest ones to the Alpette lift are L’Alpette, Le Sauget and La Pierre. The Alpette is right beside the lift but there are only 6-7 places, often occupied by the lift operators and Pisteurs.

Further around the resort there is lots of free parking. I have never seen all the parking used up, even in February.

Its worth noting that the Poutran, Le Sorbier and Le Sauget are for day parking only, no overnight parking.

Also worth noting is that the Le Poutran car park is right next to the piste which is great until they switch on the snow making in the evening coating your car in a layer of sticky, heavy snow that will freeze solid, like concrete, if you leave it overnight.

In summer you can park anywhere, including the Le Roubier multi-storey, for free.

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