Big Rooms and Comfy Beds

Relax in spacious rooms

I can’t think of anything more important to a good nights sleep than big rooms and comfy beds.

Guests in the past have commented how well they sleep in our house. Of course its not just the comfy beds but also the quiet area that we are in.

When we say big rooms we mean it. Our rooms are big; 35m²/350 sq ft or bigger. That’s lots of space for you and your kit, even if you bring a lot.

big rooms and comfy beds
A spacious bedroom with comfy beds.

We know you need space for your normal clothes, ski kit, and electronic equipment. Who, these days can ski without an App to record their day’s activities and enable a post to social media at the end of the day.

All our big rooms and comfy beds are supplied with fresh linen; all you have to do is fall asleep at the end of a hard day on the mountain! We supply towels too and extra blankets just in case you like the feel of a blanket.

The house is warm at all times; the heating is on 24/7.

Space for everything

big rooms and comfy beds
We really do have big rooms, this one has two bedrooms and a seating area.

Apart from our comfy beds, there are plenty of plugs and extension leads for charging, plenty of space to lay your stuff out, and we have free WiFi for uploading your days data or checking emails and social media posts.

Look at the beautiful views from your window…

mountain with snow early morning in oz
The early morning view from the bedroom windows in winter.

Why are we mentioning our big rooms and comfy beds? We know that a lot of ski accommodation in France has tiny bedrooms, barely big enough to fit a bed, let alone all your belongings.

We know this because we have been on lots of ski holidays ourselves and know that our accommodation is HUGE compared with everywhere else.

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Some more room pictures

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