This blog is written by Andy Christodolo & Gill Lawrence, owners of Le Château d’Oz. We offer winter ski holidays in Oz en Oisans, part of the Alpe d’Huez Grand Domaine Ski.

We mainly write about what’s available and happening in Oz and Alpe d’Huez to help you get the best out of your ski holiday. We also write about the other main ski areas locally, Les 2 Alpes and La Grave/La Meije.

We try to cover all aspects of skiing and winter holidays in a more general way to explain why some aspects of the holiday business exist.

We also write about our life here, in the winter, and elsewhere in our local region. As we do a lot of catering, we share recipes for some of the dishes that our guests enjoy the most.

Skiers come here with varying degrees of expertise and experience and a wide variety of expectations; not everyone has, or wants, the same holiday.

We try to cover every aspect of skiing here in Oz and Alpe d’Huez; if you want more details on something in our area, we’d be happy to consider covering it.

It should be noted that when we are commenting on skiing, ski equipment, ski routes or ski techniques or anything, that neither of us are professionals and that we are simply expressing our opinions and impressions.

Absolutely nothing in this blog is intended as a substitute for expert professional information, guidance or instruction.

We enthusiastically suggest you improve your skiing with professional instruction from the various ski instructors mentioned in the blog. We find the ESF in Oz to be particularly good.

The Bureau de Guides is the best source of off-piste information and a day out with them is always a memorable one.

All the opinions here are our own and are necessarily subjective. We have tried to make sure that any facts are accurate, but these can change over time.